Our aim is to optimise a project while allowing the project owner to retain permanent control its components. The work process we have developed is divided into three stages:

  • Preliminary analysis and offer (including a fixed price for the expertise services and a range of warranty premium levels),
  • Project appraisal (including a quality analysis, technical solutions and a comparative quotation),
  • Monitoring of the project and its execution by proven specialists.


  • Project expertise
  • Independent and transparent construction cost appraisal
  • Project optimisation and certification
  • Independent external surveillance of the project
  • Guaranteed building cost
  • External insurance in the event of cost overrun
  • Open-book contracts and tendering to ensure permanent control by the project owner
  • Independent partner to planners and developers
  • Modification of projects at cost price
  • Independent external financial guarantee
  • Compliance with the architectural quality of the project